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Account Receivable Factoring Collection

Receivable factoring is an expensive method whereby businesses sell their invoices for debts owed which have not yet been paid, and a service provider persists in attempting to recover the debt, theoretically leaving the a company cerditor free to attend to business and not worry about debts. We offer a range of debt collection services, for both companies and individuals who wish to recover money owed to them, yet still save time and money. Our services are affordable and free of the many drawbacks of some account receivable factoring collection agencies.

Our Bad Debt Management Services

We handle many different bad debt management cases (pre-litigation) and believe in using face to facedirect contact, as opposed to letter writing, as the primary mode of contact. Although we can manage all kinds of bad debt cases, we need to process your accounts in order to determine whether the debt owed is collectible or not. Some service providers would immediately charge a fee for this service, but we only charge fees on money successfully collected.

Use Our Nationwide Collection Agency

We are not only a nationwide collection agency, but offer our services for debt collection worldwide. Whether you need to collect outstanding debts in Arkansas or Alabama, New York or South Carolinathe United States, Canada, or across the globe, we can provide you with professional services at an affordable rate. Most collection agencies charge 25% or more per collection – for most domestic claims we only charge 22% of the amount collected and best of all, you only pay after you have received your collected debtsfor success.

Invoice Factoring with Fewer Fees

Many companies are tell us that they have been ripped off by factoring providers who charge fees at every turn for services which should be included in single payments. We can help you with avoid invoice factoring, so that youyet receive money fast. For example, manySome collection agencies can take over a month to provide you with the money collected, yet we pride ourselves in providing you with money collected fast – we mail checks to our clients twice a week, and do not charge any fees if our collection endeavorsyou pay only for success fail.

Canadian Debt Recovery Services

If yourRegardless of your company is based in Americalocation, if and you need to collect outstanding debt owed by a Canadian national or company, you can make use of our services. And you save money because we charge the same low domestic rates for your debtors in Canada as we do for those in the USA. Because we offer worldwide services, we are equipped to handle your local as well as international debt management, so that you will not have to waste time and money chasing people in other countries. With no financial commitment until You incur no costs until you receive money,your customer pays; you pay only for success you do not have to worry about paying money without receiving the results you are hoping for. Isn’t that they way is should be?

Debt Collection Outsourcing is the Way to Go

Why start with a lawsuit to get paid? The cost of litigation and chasing after people who owe your business money is frequently not worth the returns, as in many cases the process of obtaining the money can end up wasting more money, in terms of time and actual resources, than leaving the debt alone!. Because we charge a fixed percentage of a fee, you do not have to worry about debt collection outsourcing costs exceeding the recovered amount, and can use yourwill not have to waste time which could be usedmore productively.