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Bad debt recoveryBad debt recovery

Bad debt recovery

Bad debt caused by customers can cause a growing company many problems as it is a major point of income. There are times when we need someone to help us with bad debt recovery.

The usual way to go about bad debt recovery is constant phone calls to the client, after that you try written warnings and even then it takes a while to recover outstanding money. The people at Performance Source believe that the only effective way to recover and manage outstanding debt is to deal with a client personally and on a face to face basis. This way the client knows the urgency of it and pays all debt. Thus ensuring a quick and reliable way to obtain income for your company!

If you decide to let this company assist you in your bad debt recovery they only deduct a minimal fee once their transaction has been successful so it is of no cost to you if the client interaction is not successful. They also offer you other advice and business solutions such as bad debt management and accounts receivable management. This company has been operating since 1963 so they are trusted by many companies nationwide. When you register with them you will also receive advice on cash flow acceleration systems.

or great bad debt recovery solutions today you can contact Performance Source and find out about their great deals and packages. Their contact number is 773-205-8000. You can also visit their website which is

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