Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Debt Collection

Looking for a Debt Collection Solution?

The words “economic crisis” are on everyone’s lips these days, and it’s impacting everyone in different ways.  Unfortunately for many businesses, an economic downturn means less profit.  To make matters worse, many debtors are falling behind on their debt, leaving companies with even less crucial cashflow.  Performance Source understands how today’s economic woes are affecting companies, and is ready to help you in the form of professional, experienced debt collection.

Get the Benefit of Experienced Debt Collection Services

If a customer owes you money and isn’t upholding their end of the bargain, using a debt collector with the experience and knowledge of Performance Source increases your odds of recouping your losses.  For a minimal collection fee of 22%, Performance Source will help you collect on bad debts.  If your company is strapped for cash as a result of the economic crisis, every collected debt can help.  For more information, visit and find out how you get your money in the bank, faster.