Thursday, September 24, 2009


Collections as a Precursor to Lawsuits

When debtors do not settle their account payments despite written notifications and seem unlikely to pay, it is necessary to try a different tack for extracting payment. While a lawsuit can be effective where it is clear that there is money owed and that a binding agreement has been made, these can prove costly and can be precluded by commercial collections which do not involve a court and thus will not cause irreparable damage to the professional relationship between the debtor and the company or individual to which the debt is owed.

International Collections Simplified

While it can be easy enough to collect debts from debtors who are located within the same city, state or country, international collection can be tricky as debtors may either not be able to understand correspondence or may feign non-comprehension in order to buy time. International collections can be greatly simplified when you employ international collection agents who are experienced in collecting money from debtors who live abroad.