Thursday, September 24, 2009

Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial Debt Collection Solutions

When companies need to collect money from debtors who have not paid their monthly account payments, commercial collection agencies provide an entirely lawful as well as effective solution. Commercial debt collection can involve contacting debtors telephonically, as well as face-to-face contact where possible. The latter is especially effective in impressing upon debtors the urgency with which payment must be made, and if performed correctly may result in prompt payment.

Commercial Debt Collection and Commissions

While some commercial debt collection providers charge retainer fees for their services, it is advisable to use a collection agency which charges commissions instead. An agency which only charges a fixed percentage of all successful collection endeavors will not charge you money every time that a collection is unsuccessful, and this will help to make ongoing collection endeavors more affordable. While some charge fees as high as 50% of the collected amount, you can obtain professional services at a considerably lower fee.