Thursday, September 24, 2009

US Collection Agency

US Collection Agency Services for Overseas Businesses

If you own a business which is based primarily outside of the US and does not have much of a presence in the country but has clients or customers who reside in America, you can make use of a US collection agency when you need to pursue debts owed by account holders. A professional debt management agency can extend your reach and make it easy to contact debtors who have not settled their account payments.

Professional US Collection Agency Methods

If you hire a professional US collection agency to collect bad check payments, past-due account payments and other debts, you can benefit from the effectiveness of face to face contact between your collection agents and many of your debtors. In instances where this is not possible, your collection professionals can contact debtors internationally in writing or via the phone. A commission system, whereby you pay commission on successful collections, can be a cost effective solution.