Sunday, November 1, 2009

BCC Collection Agencies

What are BCC Collection Agencies?

A bonded collection corporation is a business which is legally allowed to offer debt collection services to businesses and individuals. Many states require collection agencies to be bonded, and a licensed and bonded company can be trusted as legitimate and is far less likely to abscond with the money collected than an agency which does not have strong credentials. Collection agencies use similar methods for collecting, such as meeting with debtors and contacting them telephonically.

What can BCC Collection Agencies Offer?

BCC collection agencies are able to collect various debts, such as past-due account payments and bad checks, on behalf of the creditor. Most debt collection agencies work on contingency, charging a fixed commission per successful collection attempt, and while some agencies charge commission of as much as fifty percent, it is possible to obtain skilled collection services for much less. In many instances, your collection agency will be able to recover debts before it becomes necessary to take further legal action, and this can spare you additional expense.