Monday, March 22, 2010

US Collection Agencies

US Collection Agencies and Past Due Accounts

For companies which accept payment in the form of monthly accounts, managing bad debts when debtors do not meet payment deadlines can be a hassle, and this can be simplified by handing over debts to US collection agencies for collection. An agency which specializes in this area can apply sound collection methods, meeting with debtors face to face and contacting debtors with a persistence that is likely to yield the desired result.

Laws Governing US Collection Agencies

There are laws in place, such as the Fair Debt Collection Act, which govern the way in which collection agencies go about collecting debts. Practices considered abusive include calling debtors after reasonable hours, using threats of violence as intimidation, and other illegal practices. US collection agencies which are completely familiar with these laws can provide collections which will not sour the relationship between company and debtor, which will also not bring the legal ramifications that arise when these laws are not adhered to strictly.