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Canada Debt RecoveryCanada Debt Recovery

Canada Debt Recovery

Are you struggling to regain control of your business’s cash flow due to problems with outstanding accounts? As cash represents the lifeline of your business, you need someone to take control of your outstanding debt in Canada. Debt recovery services by Performance Source II (PS II) is an international collection agency that can recover your outstanding debt no matter where your business or your debtors offices are located.

As debt collectors specializing in debt recovery in Canada, PS II can help your business regain control of bad debt. Why should you loose out on opportunities, while competitors and even your own debtors use your money to expand their business?

With practical solutions to debt recovery in Canada, PS II provide more than just simple debt recovery. PS II ensures direct professional, yet courteous contact with debtors, while at the same time acting as consultant to your firm. PS II will help you design a better cash flow acceleration system and help to enhance existing credit and collection management strategies.

Why settle for anything less than the best service in debt recovery. In Canada creditors use PS II to help them recover outstanding accounts. Shouldn’t you use them to recover your debt from debtors in Canada? Debt recovery services from PS II will ensure you have the cash to take advantage of those opportunities that will only come ones in your life.

Call Performance Source II on 773-205-8000 or fax 773-205-8041. Alternatively you can email to submit your claim free of charge. For more information you can also visit

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