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If you've ever used a traditional collection agency, you already know the going rate is 25 to 33 1/3% -- or more -- of the debt owed to you. Plus, in most cases, you must wait 10 to 40 long days for your money after your debtor has paid.

Whether yours is a large company, small business or individual practice, you can get your money paid directly to you in full with our proven worldwide debt collection service with NO financial commitment except to pay our low fee AFTER you receive your money. All for just 22% of the money recovered for you.

YOUR USE achieves these benefits:

  1. An increase in accounts receivable turns, giving you more cash flow;
  2. Reduced internal accounting costs because our staff works your bad debts professionally;
  3. Lower delinquency losses and costs;
  4. Ability to use Credit and Collections as a Sales Tool.
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