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Account receivable factoringAccount receivable factoring

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At some point in time every company or individual has difficulty in retrieving money that is owed to them, either from another individual or from a business. Many people also feel very awkward about asking others for money that is owed to them, either they are too shy or too embarrassed. Sometimes the debtor will be evasive about paying, and is either hard to get hold of, rude or refuses to pay. If any of these situations arise, then you need a collection agent.

The job of a collection agent is to do the dirty work for you where collecting money is involved, taking the stress, strain and hassle off your hands and most importantly, to make sure that you do get your money. If you run a large company, or a very busy one, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the bad debts and bad payment promises. Once again, the simple solution is to use a collection agent, rather than wait for months of end whilst you bad debts add up.

As a collection agent, professional service is of utmost importance. For this reason, when you deal with Performance Source as your collection agent, we will only charge you a percentage of the fee recovered when the money is successfully in your bank account. This means that if you are too busy worrying about your financial situation to actually get around to collecting your money, you can hand the problem over to Performance Source and not worry about it again. We will have for money for you before you can blink an eye.

There are a number of collection agents out and about and choosing one that you can trust your company's bad debts to is a very important decision. Performance Source confidently calls themselves one of the top debt collection agents in the market. In a comparative survey, Performance Source was found to charge a much lower collection rate than other collection agents, offer a full service whereas many agents only offer a letter writing service, offer a free attorney consultation where necessary and always have only one in-house person dealing with your collection to ensure that your matter is never lost in the woodwork or the paperwork.

As a collection agent, Performance Source offers you what was mentioned above, and so much more. Since 1963 Performance Source has been offering excellent service to its customers. As an added bonus, Performance Source now offers a secure online claim form, keeps frequently contact with the debtor, issues monthly reports to the client and will always forward payments from the debtor to the clients bank account immediately and in full.

Performance Source will never tie their clients into any binding agreements. The company works on professional skill and efficiency and has your best interests at heart all of the time. The work ethic at Performance Source is strong and motivated, and if Performance Source fails at the collection, they are confident that no other collection agent is likely to succeed in their place.

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