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Collection Agencies

Collection AgenciesCollection Agencies

Collection Agencies

Does your business need more cash? Is your business in need of a faster turn around time for accounts outstanding? Do you loose out on opportunities simply because you do not have the cash available. Why should your debtors take opportunities using the money they owe you, while you have to sit out in the cold? What you need is one of the best international debt collection agencies to take charge of your cash flow, now.

Why pay other collection agencies excessive amounts of money, when you can use the dedicated system of Performance Source II (PS II). PS II not only saves you money, but also guarantees a faster cash flow by making sure that payments are made directly to you.

Why settle for ineffective and unsuccessful letter writing services other collection agencies offer, when you can get a determined, but still polite service from PS II. What you need is a service that will ensure efficient cash flow, without deterring existing customers from doing business in future.

You need to take control of your problem accounts! Why not send your bad debt to PS II today, to see us help you improve your cash flow! Why waist money on other collection agencies when you can get an international service from the collection specialist with almost 50 years in the business.

Call Performance Source II, today on 773-205-8000 or fax us on 773-205-8041. Alternatively you can email or visit our website at to submit your claim.

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