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Collection Outsourcing

Collection OutsourcingCollection Outsourcing

Collection Outsourcing

Does your business struggle with problem accounts? Are you looking to improve your company's cash flow? Outsourcing the collection of bad debt might just be the best decision you can take to put your business back on track. Do you find yourself putting a lot of effort into debt recovery without any real success? On the long run this is hurting your business.

Outsourcing the collection of bad debt to Performance Source II (PS II) will help you gain control of your problem accounts. PS II uses different techniques to improve your in-house collections strategies and cash flow. PS II believes that direct professional contact with your debtors will creates sustainable results that is beneficial to your business's long term success.

As collection outsourcing has become a trend in the business world, you must make an informed decision regarding who you will trust to improve your company's cash flow. PS II is not just another letter-writing company. Although letters has their place, PS II believes that starting a process of early collection has direct benefits to your business. This means identifying chronic credit abusers and starting a process of collection as a new order is placed.

Sounds intriguing? Why not visit our website for more advice on how to improve your company's cash flow and in-house collection. Outsourcing your problem accounts to PS II will change the face of your business for good.

Call us today on 773-205-8000 or fax 773-205-8041 to submit your no obligation claim free of charge. Alternatively you can email or visit for more information.

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