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Accounts receivable management

Accounts receivable managementAccounts receivable management

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Do you want more money in your bank account; do you have money owed to you in your business? If you have answered yes to either one of these questions, then you need to have a look at the PS II System. This system will save you money and you will only pay a minimum fee of twenty two percent on any collection services done, and this is only payable after you have received your payments due.

Our collection services are performed a personal, persistent and courteous manner by a trained professional. We do not undertake letter writing services by prefer to deal directly with the debtors. The payments collected through our collection services are made into your bank account, which allows you to obtain immediate access to funds and not have to wait for an agency to forward the cash to you. This in turn results to a faster and more efficient cash flow for your business.

With many collection agencies you wait up to ten to forty days for your money, once the debtor has paid. However with our collection services you have immediate access to your cash. It is no matter if you are a large establishment, or a small or individual practice, we will pay your money directly to you in full. Through our proven track record of collection, you will not have a financial commitment to us, other than to pay twenty two percent of the monies that have been recovered on your behalf. Through our collection services you can now enjoy reduced internal accounting costs, because our professionally trained staff deals with your bad debts on a professional level. You will also benefit from the ability to use credit and collection services as a sales tool for your business.

With Performance Source’s new approach to collection, you will benefit from better results. Through this new approach, whereby the ordinary and outdated approach of letter writing and calls is bypassed and your debtors are contacted by professionally trained staff, who expertly and aptly handle your collection services. On subscription of this innovative new collection service you will received free counseling in the design as well as executive of your cash flow acceleration systems.

The founder of this incredible collection system, Mr Jim Herst, who designed this system and is now an established nationwide accounts receivable recovery system, but has the ability to perform as a consultant to manage credit as well as collections systems. This collections system will prove to provide you with a proven approach to collection services and allow you to benefit from recovery of debts from slow payers, as well as delinquent receivables.

Profits are a certain measure of your company’s success. A profit is a sign that signifies growth and prosperity. However, profits are realized when accounts are collected upon, and these collection services include slow-payers as well as no-payers. Slow turning accounts receivable will cause danger to your business and this will have a negative bearing on your profits. By implementing the PS II technique you will benefit from increased cash flow.


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