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Account receivable factoring

Account receivable factoringAccount receivable factoring

Commercial Collections

If you have outstanding debts, then Performance Source is the company to contact when it comes to commercial collections. With the submission of a simple claim form this international commercial collection agency will collect all of your outstanding debts and improve your cash flow position in a very short amount of time. Performance Source will take away all the problems related to debt collection and have the money deposited directly into your bank account. They will make your debt collection problems go away.

View their fully comprehensive and user friendly website at, and before long you will have a good understanding of how their services work. Performance Source has been operating in commercial collections since 1963 as one of the top commercial collection agencies in the world. The many years of experience of their highly efficient team will see your cash flow problems become non-existent overnight. Contact them right now and be amazed at how quickly your debt collection problems are resolved.

The user friendly website of Performance Source will show you exactly how they operate in the field of commercial collections and just how quickly they will collect you outstanding debts for you. Regardless of the size of the outstanding debt or the location of the debtor they will ensure that all of the money is collected. They charge a flat rate of 22% of the all the debts recovered and you as the client are billed once the debts have been recovered. If you compare Performance Source's charge to that of the other commercial collections companies you will find them the best.

Performance Source assigns a consultant to each company that engages their services and this assures you that they will only be working on your outstanding debts. Performance Source has a rather unique system for collecting your outstanding debts and it has proved extremely effective for many years. Absolutely no funds are transferred to them as the commercial collections agent; they stipulate that the funds are transferred directly to your bank account. Their efficient consultants will also assist in every way to ensure that you have no problems with future debt collections or any cash flow problems which are likely to arise.

Performance Source are the absolute best at commercial collections and they will ensure the smooth running of your business, whether you have a small business or a large corporation. Apply for their free starter kit on their fully comprehensive website and sit back and watch you debt collection problems disappear overnight. Once you have browsed their website and ordered their starter kit, complete the user friendly and confidential claim form on their website and before long your business will be reflecting a very healthy cash flow.

Allow the efficiency and experience of the team at Performance Source to work for you. As the top name in commercial collections they will help you to improve your business in no next to time. Their fully comprehensive website will allow you to compare their commercial collections to the prices and services of other commercial collections and you can then decide for yourself. Complete your claim today and sit back and watch your business cash flow improve in leaps and bounds. Once you have engaged the services of Performance Source you certainly will recommend them to all of your friends and business associates.

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