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Debt PurchasingDebt Purchasing

Debt Purchasing

Do not rush into filing a lawsuit on a debtor that might cost more than you will have budgeted for and far more than you might recover. First, you should consult a debt collection company. Try us at Performance Source, because we have debt purchasing services.

Performance Source is one of the most internationally approved and experienced debt collection agency worldwide with debt purchasing services on offer that will help you run your business without debt worries. Our services are available to companies and individuals all over the world.

Our company is over 40 years in the industry and we work with experienced professionals who have been in the industry for a long time and know a great deal about it. Debt purchasing is one of our services that are there to help clients who want to be stress free from collecting debts. With all the experience we have gained over the past years, we have found it most efficient to approach debtors personally and professionally.

Put an end to all the worries of clients you are not paying their accounts on time! Find out more about our debt purchasing service today by visiting our website on for more information and for enquiries send an email to we are here to ease the load for you!


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