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Debt Recovery Service

Debt Recovery ServiceDebt Recovery Service

Debt Recovery Service

Performance Source offers the best debt recovery service that brings results. If you've written all the threats you could, called the customer a million times in vain, Performance Source debt recovery service has a solution for you. You and I know that the bad debt caused by customers can cause a great company to sink as it is a major vent of income for many businesses. If you've used other debt recovery service that only gave promises and never results, we will offer you an exceptional service you never dreamt of.

Perhaps your company has not only lost money through bad debts, but you've also lost a great deal from other typical debt recovery services as well. Performance Source debt recovery service puts a stop to the runaround. A face-to-face contact with the debtor is rare in many debt recovery services, yet Performance Source specializes in it.

You'll get many benefits when you use Performance Source debt recovery service. We offer a world-wide service; provide free attorney consultation, intensified debtor contact, no waste of time by writing letters to debtors, no payment when collection fails and many other unbelievable benefits that can be instantly viewed at:

Many traditional debt recovery services write letters which takes a lot of time. Eeven when the debtor has paid, you still wait for about 20 to 40 long days. Usually, the frequency of debtor contact is low. Performance Source debt recovery service does not write letters at all, ours is a 'confront and conquer' service. When the debtor has paid we transfer the money instantly to your account and charge you only 22% while other typical services hit you for approximately 25% and more. Our service will alsoconstantly give you status reports.

Unlike many traditional debt recovery services that don't change even when their debt recovery strategies do not work, our company is always on the lookout for best and effective strategies that work. With more than 50 years in business, we have discovered effective strategies to bring any company the help that it needs. The Performance Source debt recovery service has learnt in the past decades to select one effective and responsible person, to contact the debtor weekly or more. Our main aim is to help companies recover bad debt and nothing more than that. We even allow companies to give us suggestions to ensure growth and improved in our strategies.

Performance Source debt recovery services work with all kind of companies - large, small and individual practices. It is very easy to join our recovery service, with just a call or e-mail we will send you all the information you need and free Start-up Kit. With our years of experience we give free advice and articles to companies. As noted earlier that we've on this field since 1963, we do not promise companies results, they are guaranteed. All companies can now share the benefits of Performance Source services' success in debt recovery. For more information you can visit our website which is or call 773-205-8000 and recover all your debts with immediate effect.


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