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Delinquent Debt CollectionDelinquent Debt Collection

Delinquent Debt Collection

Experience has taught Performance Source (LTD) many things about debt collection which they freely impart to their clients. Most companies have learnt many lessons about debt collection the painful way. We are the debt collection gurus and offer and help hopeless companies regain their hope again. We have best tips on delinquent debt collection. For example we've discovered that most companies do not know when to deem an account delinquent. Most of them start thinking "delinquent" 5 to 15 days past due

Delinquent debt collection requires speed which is one of our company's strongest points. James T. Herst, founder of the company, advises most company about the process of delinquent debt collection that experience has taught him over the years- here's how:

Upon receipt of the order, place a call to remind the customer of your terms and ask if these terms will present a problem. Upon shipment, place another call to let the customer know that the invoice is on the way, and emphasize the due date a third call, to verify the receipt of the goods and invoice might also be appropriate. Finally, place another call five days before the invoice due date and ask the customer "Are you thinking about the money that is due next week?" Once you deem an account to be past due, or even suspect that it will be past due, begin collections activity immediately.

Select a date beyond which you will no longer work with the account for collection on your own, Make four or five contacts on your own, up until the date you have selected if the account is not paid by the date you have selected, seek third party assistance. Getting a third party assistance will allow you to focus on other delinquent accounts or you can choose our professional delinquent debt collection services for fast results.

With our face-face approach with the debtor you can be sure that delinquency is attended with immediate effect. Our approach makes delinquent debt collection easier since we always choose one effective and responsible person to deal with the debtor. We always deem debt delinquent in its infant phase while most companies wait until things are beyond recovery. We contact the debtor weekly and more and we always give status reports to companies. Ongoing in-house assistants to you also feature in our benefits. The main focus of our company is to help companies to do delinquent debt collection speedily. Although our company has been around since 1963 our strategies are very fresh and new.

If you have given up hope on delinquent debt collection because of your experience with many debt collection services, with our new approach we guarantee you new hope and new lessons to make sure you do not go around the same mountain again.. When you contact us you will get a new free Start-up Kit which will explain everything to you. For more information you can visit our website which is or call 773-205-8000 and recover all your debts with immediate effect.


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