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Many businesses fall into trouble because they are financially strapped and have no cash flow to see them over what can actually be a simple hurdle. There are hundreds of ways of raising money for your business if you know how, from getting capital from banks to factoring invoices or future sales. The slowest methods of raising cash is invariably from banks or financial institutions that want to strip your pedigree down to the bone before lending you a cent. Your business may not have the time to wait for their "yes", or "no" for that matter.

Many businesses choose to carry customers for periods from 30 days to 60 days to pay, and these invoices can be bought by companies that will pay you a portion of the invoices up front and take a small fee for the service and risk they take for you. This is called factoring. There are some companies that also do factoring from credit card payments. Banks can take some time processing your credit card payments and factoring these can also provide much needed cash.

Performance Source also provides a factoring service for businesses that are experiencing cash flow problems, which can help you through the time period you are waiting to collect on invoices that are owed to you. We are also professional debt collections agency that can also collect monies owed for you as well in the interim. As you can read on our website, we use a different approach to collect money and our high success rate has built up a solid reputation for being the best since 1963.

We have a refreshing method of helping businesses grow with factoring of invoices that is innovative, and we say "yes" after banks have said "no" to your loans. We have already helped numerous business find funds by means of factoring invoices for them, when they needed to increase stock, their turnover, cash flow, or expansion of their business, but could not wait for the credit period to expire from debtors. Now you have peace of mind of someone on your side and you can raise cash by factoring faster than a loan from any bank or financial institution.

After decades in the business of debt collections and factoring for people and businesses that needed help, we understand all the problems facing you when you are owed money and you are in a jam because of this fact. Let us handle all this for you and give you results in the shortest possible time frame.

ou can call us right away in Chicago, Illinois, or submit an online application for debt collections. Let us show you that we can help with factoring solutions that will fulfill your requirements for cash flow while you are waiting for outstanding debts to be settled. Performance Source looks forward to adding your testimonial to this website after you have enjoyed service excellence for which we are renowned when it comes to factoring and debt collections.

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