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International Collection AgencyInternational Collection Agency

International Collection Agency

We offer world-wide debt-collection service which is why international collection agency is another name that best describes our company. Since we've been in Business for more than fifty years we've realised that the world needs us and we are also determined to make a difference in our world. Our main job is to collect debt of any kind, no matter how old or young, anywhere in the world. We are very determined to help companies because we've seen enough of them loosing money to bad debt and more to typical collection agency. Our company has new strategies that work to achieve maximum results.

Our company is a licensed and bonded international collection agency. We have debt collection professionals all over the land. We are not a 'letter-writing' company; we are a debt collection company. Most of our clients know us for our vigorous face-to-face contacts with debtors. Through many years of experience we have discovered that letters are ineffective and, the time lost while waiting for a letter series to conclude serves only to make any debt harder to collect. Speed and intensity of professional personal contacts get the results we desire. All we need from our clients is information about debtors and we start facing them until we get what we want.

Once you hand over the debtor to us, you'll get monthly status reports and more. And on top of that you'll have a toll-free access to one person that is handling your work. This is rare since in many traditional collection agencies you have to call the whole company and sometimes won't even know who's handling your work - which only adds to problems. Our job is to collect money without suit, however is available at your discretion, but our program is a pre-litigation series of personal contacts directed upon your debtor. It is the speed and intensity of these professional, personal contacts that gets the results we aim for.

We always make sure that our clients do not loose anymore money, infact our aim is recover all debts. Our fee is based only on collection because that is our only job. There is no fee if we fail and your costs for our recovery are exactly. There is no other charge unless you elect to sue. Even though we are operating as an international collection agency, we always have 'super fast' responses to our clients no matter where they are. We always make sure that once we receive payment from the debtor we pay the money the money in full and at once. Experience has taught us without cash flow your company will dry up which is we deposit the money to with immediate effect. We can report that 62% of all funds collected reach the Customer's bank within 45 days it is our duty to help you improve your in-house collections.

If your company is need of super quick recovery, we are ready to help you. Feel free to visit our website which is or call 773-205-8000 and recover all your debts with immediate effect


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