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International Debt CollectionInternational Debt Collection

International Debt Collection

If your company has debtors world-wide and you don't know where to start, sorrow no more because Performance Source (LTD) has the whole world in the palm of its hands. It is an international debt collection company that covers every state in the land. Any debtor can be reached, anywhere and at anytime. Many traditional debt collectors are still not eager to cross the borders which mean your company have to work with a different debt collection agency in every country - what a hassle?

International debt collection is our speciality and fast results are guaranteed with our unique face-to face approach with debtors. Our job is to get quick response from debtors and in our 53 years of experience in Business we have never seen any debtor responding to a letter or taking it seriously. That is the number one reason why we use our vigorous face to face approach.

We charge an unbelievably 22% from our clients for international debt collection and there are no hidden costs. We inform our clients monthly or more about the status of each debtor and our progress. To enforce quick results we have telephonically contact our debtors five times in the first 35 days and then weekly or more after that. We allocate one effective and responsible person from our company to contact the debtor face-to-face. You also get toll-free access to the person handling your debtor. We are professional in our dealings with both debtors and clients.

Even when we do international debt collection, our fee is based on collection and that means we only charge when the debtor has paid. Speed and intensity of professional contacts with the debtor get us the results we desire. We are go-getters when it comes to debt collection and we always get the desired results. Our program is designed to collect without suit; however suit is available at your discretion. Our vigorous face-to-face approach always brings success. We know that letters prolong the process of debt collection and only serve to make any debt harder to collect. With our 'super fast' approach we keep debtors on their toes and get quick results.

We do not keep our clients waiting once the debtor has paid; we transfer the amount immediately which will increase the cash flow in your company. We also offer free attorney consultation to all our beloved clients. The world look small in our eyes and international debt collection is very easy. With 53 years of experience in debt collection, we have gained enough knowledge and that is why we extend our wings to the entire world.

Customers are welcomed to share the wealth of our knowledge and experience. We offer free advice to all our clients on matters concerning debt collection and even more. If you want to be part of us do not hesitate to call us on 773-205-8000 or visit our website which is Our head office is situated in - 5097 N Elston Avenue - Suite 300, Chicago, Illinois.


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