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International Debt RecoveryInternational Debt Recovery

International Debt Recovery

If you've you been toiling to regain control of your business's cash flow due to problems with outstanding accounts, with just one call to Performance Source international debt recovery services you will discover that all things are possible. As cash represents the lifeline of your business, you need someone to take control of your outstanding debt world-wide. International debt recovery services by Performance Source are an international recovery service that can recover your outstanding debt no matter where your business or your debtors are located

We know no boundaries when it comes to debt recovery. You can recover your debt in a short space of time anywhere in the world. All this can be done quickly for only a fee of 22% from you. We ensure direct professional, yet courteous contact with debtors, while at the same time acting as consultant to your firm. We do not have time to write letters and therefore approach all the debtors face-to-face. This guarantees speedy results as our contact with debtors is always intense. Our company is always on the look-out for new and effective ways to improve international debt recovery. For example we always choose one trustworthy and effective person to handle for each debtor.

You also get toll free access to the person handling your debtor When you use our international debt recovery service you will save money, time and your business. We only charge our clients for collected debts and nothing else. We believe that the job of debt recovery service to recover debts and clients should be only charged for that. We also offer free attorney consultation to our clients to ensure that they know their legal rights at all times. We regularly contact debtors, five times in the first 35 days and then weekly or more after that, which is why we are super quick in bringing you the results you wish for. Moreover we will give you a status report monthly or more of each and every debtor. We also offer direct pay once the debtor has paid off without any waste of time. We also offer ongoing in-house assistance with you which is rare in many debt recovery services.

Using our international debt recovery services and other aids we provide, you will improve your in-house collections and cash flow. Unlike many traditional debt recovery services, we always change our approach to speed progress and to ensure that your needs are met. Our method uniquely bypasses traditional processes and shows your claim really must be listened to many typical debt recovery agencies still write letters even today without realising that they have never been productive or effective. When debtor payments are forwarded, it takes many traditional companies 10 to 40 long days to send the money to you, while we give it to you in full and at once.

You can benefit in countless ways once you start working with us. We are eager to help you put your company together once again. We have more than 50 years of experience in international debt collection and know the headaches that many companies suffer from slow debt recovery. For more information call Performance Source on 773-205-8000 or fax 773-205-8041. Alternatively you can email to submit your claim free of charge. For more information you can also visit


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