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Nationwide Bad Debt RecoveryNationwide Bad Debt Recovery

Nationwide Bad Debt Recovery

If you have a business selling products or services, you will almost certainly have had the awkward experience of supplying a customer who fails to pay. Often they simply ignore all your attempts, or promise to pay but never follow through, allot of the time they simply vanish from all contact details logged with your company. The thought of regional or nationwide debt recovery becomes a hassle outside of your area of expertise.

Organisations throughout the business world are outsourcing a variety of services, such as credit control and debt recovery. By outsourcing such expertise, many companies introduce major cost saving benefits. Specialising in helping businesses and consumers recover debts that are due to them, nationwide debt recovery specialises in this field and invariably the person owing you money moves and tracing is often necessary.

When a customer defaults it costs you time and lost revenues having to constantly follow up such bad debts. Often small to medium sized businesses are unaware of their rights as a claimant, or do not have the necessary skills in their staff compliment to effectively demand payment and follow through with appropriate court action and possibly repossession. Nationwide bad Debt Recovery utilises skilled staff, backed up with modern information technology systems, dealing effectively with defaulters daily. This enables us to reduce recoup costs for your business, because we know how to get results fast.

Through a step process Nationwide Bad Debt Recovery will assist you and follow through from start to finish. From early stage arrears whereby a customer is still contactable and willing to comply utilising the credit control aspect of debt recovery. Through to the next stage of defaulted accounts whereby the customer is still in original address and the account have still not been settled, resulting in the second placement. Where a third party debt collection agent has attempted to recover the amount but failed. Through to the final, this is trace and collects if the customer has moved address and firstly we trace the customer and then commence debt collection activity.

The size of your business is not a factor in how Nationwide Bad Debt Recovery goes about collecting for you. We do understand that smaller businesses may not have access to certain resources that their larger counterparts would. With this in mind, services are tailor made per business specification. There is also no minimum number of accounts, starting from as little as one defaulter or all in your debtor’s book. Studies in this industry have revealed that the sooner a business places default accounts with a third party collection service after becoming past due, the greater the chance of full collection. We have the necessary resources and trained expertise in our firm, working in this specialised field of business, large or small businesses can rest assured that all possible collection avenues and settlement procedures are being followed. Thus our goal is to obtain you our valued clients the best possible outcome in an area where many firms find themselves helpless and running up costs in resources to recover bad debts.

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