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Nationwide Collection Agency

We understand the importance of collecting outstanding debts from non paying customers, clients or patients. This understanding goes hand in hand with us knowing how important your time and overheads are to your business. Many businesses waste valuable resources in making numerous collection calls and sending stern letters. When you decide to divert your bad debt portfolio to Nationwide Collection Agency we will do all the work for you in our area of expertise.

Businesses lose billions of dollars annually due to defaulted accounts. In many cases Nationwide Collections Agency is sought out and brought in to aid in the recovery of lost revenue and lost profits too late. The ability to recovery bad debts decreases dramatically with each passing day, successful collections begin as early as possible with Nationwide Collection Agency; it is never good to wait more then 90 days to begin the collection process.

Communications from Nationwide Collections Agency convey an immediate urgency to the debtor. We begin collection proceedings immediately upon instruction from you, our valued client. The starting point of which is sending an introductory letter, stating that the matter between the client and you has been placed with Nationwide Collection Agency. By law we are required to inform the debtor of their rights in the collection process and relevant information regarding their past-due account with your business. Therefore in this initial communication we include; The name of the Creditor (your Business); The full outstanding amount due; notice that the debtor has thirty (30) days from the date of issue of the letter to dispute the claim or request further verification of the debt.

Over and above this many of the other benefits of outsourcing your Debtors Book with Nationwide Collection Agency are listed as follows:

  • The elimination of letters, phone calls, hiring and training;
  • You are guaranteed a specialised and professional approach by experts in the industry thus increasing the amount and speed of collection;
  • Your employees are freed to focus on their specific performance to your business;
  • A dramatic reduction in costs;
  • An improvement in collections;

If you find that you do not have the time or knowledgeable staff to draw up written demands for payment, send copies of outstanding bills, make collection calls or follow up on the payment promises, you need to look at outsourcing these professional services for you. It is Nationwide Collection Agency’s job to collect your money, we do this in your name, using your address and contact numbers. Recap reports will be generated at intervals informing you of all activity on your accounts. Reports regarding disputes are generated to you as they occur, by phone, fax or email. You still retain complete control of each account in your portfolio. You can accept or reject payment arrangements and make adjustments.

Business hire specialists to handle their Information Technology, Accounting, Recruitment and other time-consuming areas that are not cost effective to handle internally nor your core business interest. Why not hire a collection specialist to handle and manage your collections on an ongoing basis? Your debtors portfolio is just as specialised and important as your technology or human resources as your debtors are your income!

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