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Account receivable factoring

Account receivable factoringAccount receivable factoring

Us Collection Agency

Do you struggle to get your debt paid as a result of others owing you money? Are you struggling to get this money from these people in order to get your liabilities paid? This is a huge problem in society today but Performance Source Ltd, is a remarkable US collection agency that can assist you in getting your money back. You will have your money in no time and your worries will get eliminated.

This US collection agency offers you many benefits. Firstly, a mere 22 percent of the debt that is collected is required and only has to be paid after your money has been collected. This is also no letter writing service. Your money is personally collected in a courteous manner from the person that owes it to you directly. There is also no middle man involved and therefore your money is directly given to you after it is received relieving you from your worries.

The normal US collection agency should normally charge you between 25 and 30 percent for this service. Your money usually takes up to 40 days to get to you which is very inconvenient, therefore we here at Performance Source Ltd, offer you a more economical and much faster service. There are no hidden costs; you pay your low payment of only 22% after you have received your money.

Our US collection agency offers a free star-up kit on the website and has place for you to submit your claim online. A book is available that shares many debt management tips and is available to make money management an easier task for you and to help you recover your debts. Two very helpful articles are also available online on the website; the benefits of early collection by James T Herst and Critical Factors in Receivables Handling, also by James T Herst

Jim Herst is the founder of this US collection agency, Performance Source Ltd, and he has included a counseling service for the design and execution of cash flow acceleration systems. Performance Source has a proven system which guarantees you your money back from slow payers. This will really assist you in future planning without having to bargain on money that is not there and stressing about when it will come.

If you compare this US collection agency to any others, you will see all of the benefits of Performance Source Ltd including the lower cost which is a lot easier on your wallet. We also specialize in debt recovery worldwide and not just locally like the majority of agencies. There is no letter writing service like the other agencies, only direct approach saving you a lot of time. There is no binding agreement involved as oppose to other debt collection services.

If you are really struggling to get your money, contact Performance Source Ltd, the most economical US collection agency. If your debts are causing severe problems in your financial status, this is the place to call to get you back on track.

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